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From: Susan | To: All Staff | Date: 10th January 2011

  • Thank all of you who attended staff training on 4th January.  If you have not had safeguarding training within the last 3 years you must arrange training for yourself as soon as possible.  Look at the Young in Herts website.
  • There is additional training following OAP (Observation Assessment and Planning) – Moderation on Thursday 7th April at Stanborough Centre in Watford 9.30 to 12.00 noon.  Please let Shelley know if you will be attending this.
  • Existing Injury Forms have been delivered to every room.
  • Resource Forms will be evaluated at next staff/planning meeting.
  • Please make sure all changes to contact forms and allergies are notified to Shelley.
  • Please complete Changing Log for every child you change – not just those in nappies.
  • Please remember to wear aprons and gloves and have your hair tied back for snack time/lunch time and when changing nappies.
  • Mobile Phones – locked away when you enter the premises unless you are the outside contact.  THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION.  I am looking into the possibility of using pay as you go phones on the premises which will then negate the need for using any personal mobiles on the premises.
  • We have now completed all the HQS modules and are now waiting for a second ECERS visit to complete the process.
  • Please continue to complete inventory forms.
  • Carolyne and I will be completing RISK ASSESSMENTS next Monday 17/1/11 – Please make sure the kitchen door in the Gilah Building is closed at all times, to limit children’s access.

For incoming calls the numbers are:

020 8953 5200 Gilah Building
020 8953 5099 New Building


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AJE Training : Please contact David Foskett by phoning 020 8457 9713 or e-mailing

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