Forest School

Gilah has been very excited to offer a Forest School experience to the Rising 4’s in 2016.

We spent 6 weeks at Well End Scout Activity Centre.  Our Forest School leader Caroline from provided an unforgettable experience for the children.

gilahForest school provides the opportunity to learn in an outdoor environment.  It develops confidence in most aspects of their learning, challenging them physically and mentally. Encouraging problem solving and critical thinking.  The freedom to explore and investigate the natural environment individually and as part of a team has provided memorable activities that have left the children and parents asking for more.



forest-school-3Activities have included climbing, shelter building, puppet shows, investigating sounds, storytelling, singing, using torches and toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

“Yosef has loved EVERYTHING about forest school.  He just loves being outside and being able to dig in the mud and leaves and also to be independent.  His favourite things which he mentioned the most was the mud slide!”  Lauren Carmel

“So pleased to see Aimee so happy and smiley.  I’m so pleased she has such a positive experience from Forest School.  I think her favourite thing to do has been making the dream catcher and toasting marshmallows.  She has grown in confidence and I think has been a hugely beneficial experience.”  Katie Korklin

“Harry wouldn’t stop telling my mum about it today, he had so much fun.  It really has been an amazing experience for the kids and they have gotten so much out of it”.  Fran Masser

“It has really been a very special experience!  Gabriel has loved every one of the sessions!!” Simone Herman-Endlin

“Abi has loved every week of Forest School!  Thanks for organising and looking forward to doing it again next term!”  Leanne Jacobs

“Josh will be so upset that next week is the last one.  Every morning he asks me if he is going to Forest School.”  Simone Jaffa


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